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Employee Benefits

Employee benefits simplified. Partner with us and transform the health of your business. We provide strategic guidance and brokerage services that reduce costs, streamline administration, and maximize employee appreciation.  Our experienced team delivers customized solutions while simplifying the benefits process, minimizing your workload, and keeping you current on laws and regulations that apply to you.

Burnham Marketplace

The platform allows you to offer more products and services, all within a true consumer shopping experience. The Burnham Marketplace is ideal for employers looking for a tailored or turnkey approach to benefits management without taking on any added administration. Our Marketplace allows employers to select multiple carriers and plan designs to fit the needs of today’s diverse workforce.

Benefits Compliance

Simplifying and streamlining compliance administration. Benefits compliance can often be challenging, and good compliance practices are a critical component of health and wellness benefits. Burnham provides the education, tools, and resources you need to simplify administration and streamline your obligations.

Wellness Program Management

Delivering innovative programs for total employee well-being. Wellness programs are a hot topic for employers. From onsite flu shots to gym membership subsidies, businesses must get creative when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent and building internal morale. With so many benefits and perks falling under the wellness umbrella, it is challenging to know how to execute your own program, what components to offer, and how to leverage your existing benefits to achieve your goals.

Human Resources Software

Welcome to the new age of benefits management. The employee benefits industry has been greatly impacted by the rapidly evolving world of technology. Benefits delivery now requires cutting-edge tools to connect employees with information at any time. At Burnham Benefits, our expert technology professionals provide the best benefit administration tools that enhance the employee’s experience with their benefits.

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